• Get a topic from your hysterical and handsome American History teacher.
  • Research your topic using Creating America, The Cold War - Topic Info Research List from ABC-CLIO, or another reliable resource like CNN's The Cold War.
  • Using PowerPoint, creat a three slide presentation detailing the topic.
  • The front side should have the topic name and a date (specific or general), a great image that fills the slide, and the trading card logo on the right.
  • The back side should have another image, historical details about the topic, and a "did you know" factoid set apart from the historical information.
  • The final slide should contain your resources.
  • Save the presentation as .jpegs in the save function of PowerPoint
  • Open VoiceThread and create a voicethread for your trading card. The voicethread should have all three slides - front, back, and sources. Upload them from "My Computer".
  • You should include one recorded primary source quote as a comment.
  • You can also add typed comments and interactive links to the voicethread
  • Share the voicethread, making sure it is public, and then embed it on your Unit 8 ISN as a separate entry.
  • Once everyone is done, your task is to collect other people's trading cards to form a complete set - put them in your ntebok in a new page!