It's known as "The Forgotten War", but all American should lern about it and remember it ... and that's where you can help. You have been asked to develop a "Korea 10 3 2 1" webpage to cover the basic information everyone should know about the Korean War - all on one page. Your page should include ...

10 - facts about the causes, impact, and events of the Korean War (look at my examples below)
3 - photos that help tell the story of the war, with captions
2 - quotes that are essential to understanding the war
1 - map that helps to explain the war.

Come up with 10 great facts that everyone should know about "The Forgotten War", using the examples below as guides.
A non example ... I like cheese.
A bad example ... There was a war in
Korea in the 1950s.
A good example ... The Korean War began in July of 1950 when
North Korea invaded South Korea.
A better example ... The 3 year long Korean War began in 1950 when communist
North Korea invaded democratic and US supported South Korea, pulling the United Nations into a peacekeeping effort in Asia. (ooooh, that's good)

Looking for some good resources? Consult ...

795-797 in Creating
the various sites on the Korean War research list on ABC-CLIO
"Democracy vs. Communism - the Korean War" video
Korean War 50th Anniversary
Korean War Project
Truman Museum & Library: The Korean War
Korean War Veterans Memorial Home Page