The Antiwar Movement in the Vietnam Era
As American involvement in Vietnam escalated, so did opposition to the war on the American homefront. Various groups opposed the war for both common and diverse reasons. In this activity, you will have a role of someone who opposed the war (in some aspect or another). Your task is to find out why and how your role or group opposed the war. Create a new page in your Unit 8 ISN called "All We AreSaying ...", and then furnish an catchy end to the title. You should also should have an image and an explanation of your opinion. We will look at all of the explanations with a few minutes left in class and add them to our notebooks. This will provide us with a solid overview of the anti-war protest movement in the Vietnam Era.



Someone who doubts the what happened in the Gulf of Tonkin
A member of Congress at the Fullbright Hearings
A member of Students for a Democratic Society
Someone who just read about the Pentagon Papers
A citizen shocked about the Credibility Gap / Credibility Gap
A citizen who viewed a report about My Lai
Someone opposing the Draft
Martin Luther King, Jr.
An American opposed to the incursion into Cambodia
A citizen reaciting to the The Living Room War / The Living Room War
A member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Someone who just saw a report on The Tet Offensive
A college professor leading on of the Teach-Ins
A participant in the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam