What would break the back of Jim Crow America? What role did education play in the movement to desgregate America?

Using the embedded video and the links provided, analyze the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education. Cut and paste the information below into a new entry on your Unit 8 Online ISN. Use the video and links to fill in the essential information about Brown v. Board of Education.

SETTING THE STAGE - Participate in The Road to Justice activity

BASIC FACTS OF THE CASES (more than one) (check video, Link 1, Link 2, Link 3)

ARGUMENTS OF THE PLAINTIFF (for integration) (check Link 1)

ARGUMENTS OF THE DEFENDANTS (for segregation) (check Link 1)

THE CHANGE IN THE COURT (leading to a decision) (check Link 1)

THE COURT DECISION (in your own words) (check Link 1 and Link 2)

THE IMPACT and LEGACY (Check Link 1)