The Civil Rights Movement was a series of interelated and disconnected events that took place over a period of 50 years. What happened during this movement? To preview the scope and sequence of the era, you will be completeing an interactive timeline today in class. You will be embedding this timeline into your Unit 8 Online ISN.

Instructions -
  1. Go to www.dipity.com and sign in as "usmstudent", password "historyrules"
  2. Browse for Civil Rights Movement Period 1 (or 2,3,4, or 6) and click on the title
  3. Click on the image of Brown v. Board. Notice the paramters of the timeline entry - title, date, summary in at least three complete sentences, including the impact of the event, image, location , link
  4. Start filling in the timeline using web resources and the textbook

Here are the topics - can we do it?

24th Amendment ratified
Alcatraz taken over
American Indian Movement
Assassination of King
Black Panthers form
Brown v. Board of Education
Children’s Crusade in Birmingham
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Civil Rights Act of 1968
Congress of Racial Equality formed
Declaration of Indian Purpose written
Emmett Till
Equal Pay Act passed
Equal Rights Amendment passed by Congress
ERA fails not ratified by states
Freedom Riders
Freedom Summer

Greensboro sit-ins
James Meredith goes to Mississippi
La Raza Unida formed
Letter from Birmingham Jail written
Little Rock Nine
Los Angeles Latino students walk out
Loving v. Virginia
Malcolm X assassinated
Malcolm X becomes speaker of NOI
March on Washington
Medgar Evers murdered Montgomery Bus Boycott
National Organization of Women formed
Newark and Detroit Riots
Pettus Bridge
Roe v. Wade passed
Rosa Parks
Ruby Bridges goes to school
Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing

Southern Christian Leadership Conference formed
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee formed
The Feminine Mystique published
Title IX passed
United Farm Workers formed
Voting Rights Act of 1965
Watts Riots
Wounded Knee Siege